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tv   ABC 7 News at 600  ABC  March 2, 2012 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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have had for the past couple of hours. still some moderate downpours across eastern charles county. think over the next hour, most of it will move out and we will a period where it is just right. the cold front will approach. would generate a new area of rain. is concerned there could areas ofsolated flooding. the real action is out in the midwest. at least 125 separate tornado we have been able to count today. still in progress. we will hear from horace holmes in a moment on that. it appears that as that severe weather crosses the mountains, will encounter some very damp and cool air. will get rain with only an isolated thunderstorm. tornado watch in
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yellow and red will not affect our area. we will budget. many parts of the country have not. -- we will dodge it. >>, and security officials least three storm related deaths. this is on top of millions of dollars in damage. >> we are just getting that sad news out of indiana where there confirmed deaths, more after a tornado hit several towns in the southern part of the state. there is a 4-year-old reported missing. fromve live pictures indiana you are watching right now. the town of marysville is completely gone. the huge storm started this in northern alabama. >> more powerful tornado swept through the deep south again. an amateur photographer captured
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pictures of what appears to be a twister touching down. the storm swept through the same where an outbreak of 300 last april. today's storms come on the heels another group of tornadoes touchdown earlier in the week. my mother passed away here over there. she died when a tornado tore of her home. 13 people across the region have because of this week's storms. that plowed through missouri stayed on the ground for 23 miles. a twister that touchdown and pernor a packed 170 mile hour winds. can spitthunderstorms out damaging winds and some large tornadoes. that is the big concern today. >> those in the path of the
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storms and those who have their power to frightened and devastated. >> nothing here matters. it is all done now. it does not matter any more. it happens on tv. it does not happen in your family. >> live pictures from henry indiana. we tell the what is happening in marysville where the sheriff's hasrtment says that town been completely destroyed. all 17 states will likely be tornadoes those before storm cells move out by the day.f forecasters say that would make today one of the five biggest it entireys of the year. >> thank you very much. we are following breaking news m anne arundel county.
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john leopold has been indicted. faces-year-old leopold counts of misconduct in office. >> the other big story of the average of the growing -- rushrge limbaugh after he called a georgetown law student a slot and a prostitute. -- a slot and a prostitute. kris van cleave is live with new m the campus and capitol hill. a lot of people here in georgetown are not happy. news.front-page even the president of the united the womanched out to the center of this remains
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much in rush limbaugh's cross hairs. that is how it started on wednesday. he launched a personal offensive against a georgetown law student with her lobbying for congress over the contraceptive. it stirred up a hot bed of anger. thats pretty offended by comment. appalling. reacting to the growing controversy, president obama call her today. >> he wanted to offer support for her. to express disappointment she was the subject of an appropriate attacks. he mocked the president's call adding --
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democrats won gop leaders to commend the comments. >> he seems to be airing them through saundra. is likely referring to detained a couple of ago after returning from dominican republic with i read that did not appear to be prescribed to him. >> he calls a rush limbaugh statement misogynist it, vitriolic, and a n of thesentatio nosition of the georgetow student. we are alive, kris van cleave, abc 7 news. you.ank president obama is not backing on strong comments about iran. warned that a premature
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military strike might in ad from the help iran. his most direct remark military actions against the nuclear threat. their supreme leader declared today's election a success. the first time they can vote since the 2009 election as part protest and a government crackdown. 290 memberssing all of the parliament. the results will be announced tomorrow. the high turnout since a strong nation's enemies. away fromng the green. change under way at the national mall. >> called and controversial remarks, call the mistakes, campaign can take toll on candidates.
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>> super tuesday approaching fast. candidates are crisscrossing the many states as possible. all of the travel can take a toll. >> you may just see a few sections, -- a few seconds, but it multiple times
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sounds every day. is taxing and grueling and to some interesting comments. >> i am also committed to charleston, jacksonville. >> i am so excited about what is g on in ohio. highlight reels of attention getting, sometimes regrettable one-liners. some great friends are nascar team owners. >> he was everybody in america college. what is not. >> most of these guys have been for six, eight, 10 months. for errors onpe trail.paign are in the middle of a frantic 48 hours. t where they will be in short span, admittedly with all they do. >> i know sometimes i can get a wound up. >> there are errors.
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>> i think that is why sometimes t them some slack. >> the longer the race goes on, the more it can tax them. tapese release of these argue is counter to his stance on washington spending. is also some theificant movement on l with polls. there s -- they are heavily on ohio. washington caucus that is taking tomorrow, mitt romney is favored to win. >> thank you very much. come, the battle over warming takes a new turn.
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>> virginia lost to florida have been the worst thing to happen.
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see one of your airline at the airport, not necessarily fewer aircraft. final continental flights took off to that. the last continental flight is just before depart midnight. switch overy will reservation system. as united. show up >> tensions are rising over global warming and virginia. whether aestigating virginiaiversity of
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researcher defrauded tax payers. the court ruled he did not have subpoena --y to subpoena those records. part of a new plan to improve the look of the national mall. they are considering a proposal widen existing gravel walkways along the mall. tightly compacted soil on the difficult to grow grass. >> it is pretty much right now. >> the rain is coming to an end. we will get some more overnight. if you are late sleeper tomorrow, it will all be gone then as well. you can see the back edge of the rain. tracking it all afternoon. toward the rain heading the bay.
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it has ended just west of the metro area. continue. will flood watch is in effect for the.of ec shaded in green. for the potential of another f rain and heavier downpours when the cold front comes our way. 55 and 40 degrees, that was the high and low at reagan national. least 125 been at warnings issued today. horace holmes had a report earlier, you have more at 11:00. widespread tornado watches and yellow. is the tornado warnings. we have a cell phone video this is in indiana.
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this is what you do not want to in deep vicinity. he got very close to that. i think he decided to maybe go take shelter. many torn into reports. it is still undergoing. -- that many tornado reports. if you go to and click on whether and go to our whether website, you will notice blocks.e posted on the severe weather strikes. if you want to learn more, that place to do it. the rain will ended the morning. we will get a little bit of sunshine. bring drythe day will air and dry things out. it looks pretty good to me. the next seven days for you. rain in thee of morning. an isolated thunderstorm ending
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around 8:00. mild temperatures will fall. chilly on monday and tuesday. in other warm-up will begin by the middle of next week. >> the toyota sports desk, brought to you by your local toyota dealers. moving you forward. >> are you ready? >> ready. look at this. the capitals are in the midst of a five game home stretch. the winnipeg jets won last night beating they are back in ninth place. britt mchenry is in the phone booth. capitals need to win at home pace.p >> every game they are climbing back in and out. i will tell you to watch out. the devils' lead the league with a shorthanded goals.
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as you mentioned, the capitals on a roll. a three game winning streak to be exact. hasipeg's win over florida washington out of the for right a win to get them back in it. >> to get that win and the momentum in the fashion we got was big. >> it will come down to crunch time. we are excited. felt good about the last game. build off of that. we will be fine. >> michael will make his fourth consecutive start. been on a hot streak. >> thank you very much. with the nfl over one month away, this is the time of the year the team's solidify -- solidify their roster. the redskins have made fred
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the franchise player. his suspension at the theireason, he was most explosive receiver. the tag allows the redskins to match any offer and keep fred. this was a fun day for the nationals. they shut out georgetown 3-0. when bryce harper showed up, the sameplat over his locker wa namath. the 19 year old is busting with confidence. harper wants to be in the lineup when the regular season begins. lose.n't like to does. i am a competitive person on
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field. >> let's go to college basketball. 16-0eminoles went on a run. this -- he beat the buzzer. florida state beat virginia 63- 60. virginia plays maryland that the comcast center. there will be angry about that loss. need a win to stay alive. it will be fun at the comcast sunday.n >> fun for you. >> we will be right back.
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>> live scenes from henry hill, indiana. horace holmes is going to work on a story. we will have that at 11:00. bob ryan will be able to update of the severe chance of making it into our area. we can tell you what ever we out by the morning. >> you are not expecting tornadoes? >> no, not at all. we will see you back at 11:00. [ male announcer ] are you paying more and more for cable
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